CAREBOT: Intelligent Robotic Units for outpatient care activities

CAREBOT: Intelligent Robotic Units for outpatient care activities


The goal of the CAREBOT project is the development of robotic assistants that help patients both in their home and access to care services. The CAREBOT project has the following specific objectives:
– Develop a personal robotic home assistant that helps to comply with the routines and medical prescriptions of users. This assistant will include a manager of medical routines as well as a virtual assistant for medical consultations.
– Develop a robot for the care of users of a hospital. It will have the ability to travel through controlled areas as well as an assistant that facilitates user interaction with the robot through language.


Full name: Manuel Lama
Filiation: University of Santiago de Compostela


Manuel Lama has been a doctor in physical sciences since 2000 and has collaborated in more than 25 projects and research contracts funded in public tenders, participating as a principal researcher in 10 of them. These activities were applied in areas such as adaptive learning in electronic learning, the classification and enrichment of documents and metadata, the automation of medical guides and the management of industrial processes. As a result of this research, I have published more than 140 scientific papers with a review process in national and international conferences and magazines.
His research interests focus on semantic technologies, with a special emphasis on the development of algorithms for graphic semantic annotations; in the modeling and management of dynamic processes; in the mining of processes for the discovery, simplification and detection of changes in processes; and in the calculation of services.