The technological advances of recent years affect all areas of society. The health sciences are no exception, the irruption of technology in this area is indisputable. Health professionals develop their work in a context where concepts such as Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), Big Data or Biomedical Applications are increasingly relevant. These courses, framed within the Summer School of the International Institute of Research and Innovation for Aging (4IE), have a broad view on the latest technological advances that are being applied in the field of health.

eHealth: Tecnologías para la salud

Through sessions focused on topics such as robotics, monitoring, games, etc. participants will be offered a comprehensive vision of the possibilities of technology in contemporary medicine.

Tecnología y Salud 2018: Políticas, herramientas y horizontes contemporáneos

Through works that address specific uses and experiences, we intend to offer attendees a reflective and plural perspective on the possibilities of this technology in contemporary medicine.


The courses are held in Jarandilla de la Vera (Spanish municipality located northwest of the province of Cáceres and is located in the center of the Comarca de la Vera), more specifically in the V Centenario University Residence Hall.