Ludotherapy Technologies in Pediatric Hospitalization

Ludotherapy Technologies in Pediatric Hospitalization


Each year, about 400,000 pediatric hospital discharges occur in the Spanish hospital system. These situations in some cases force patients and their caregivers to live long periods of hospitalization and repeated admissions that trigger emotions such as fear, anger or sadness that can negatively influence the child’s life and adaptation to the disease.In this sense, there is evidence about the positive effects of play therapy demonstrating its efficacy to induce relaxation, distraction and improvements in the socialization of patients.This talk will review the strategies of play therapy and the underlying technologies that have been used to date and will consider new technologies and gamification strategies that can be used in the future to face the new challenges of pediatric play.


Elena Navarro

Full name Javier Jaén
Filiation: Universidad Politécnica de Valencia


Javier Jaén is a full professor at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV). He obtained an AED from the INSA in Lyon (France), a Master of Science from Virginia Tech (USA) and has been a staff member in the IT division of the CERN Particle Physics Laboratory (Switzerland). He is currently responsible for FutureLab in the ISSI research group of the UPV, developing various lines of research related to man-machine interfaces, ubiquitous computing, educational applications and collaborative systems. He has led research and development projects in cooperation with organizations such as Microsoft Research, Telefonica I + D, Bancaja, America’s Cup Management and La Fe Hospital in Valencia. Fulbright Scholar, member of Upsilon Pi Epsilon (International Honor Society for the Computing and Information Disciplines), award for teaching excellence, eMobility prize, extraordinary prize for thesis and the Social Council of the UPV.