The empire of numbers: contemporary debates between big data and health

The empire of numbers: contemporary debates between big data and health


We are witnessing the era of Big Data. The volumes of information handled have grown exponentially and the context of health and illness is no exception. This paper presents a description of the state of the issue, addressing the changes in the structuring of data, the analysis and the implications for health recommendations. From the approach of actions such as data mining in various contexts, we reflect on the contemporary definitions of evidence and the role of the patient as an individual in contemporary clinical practice.


Full name: Lorenzo Mariano Juárez
Filiation: University of Extremadura


Professor Contracted Doctor, University of Extremadura (Uex). He is currently Director of Relations with Latin America of the International Commission of Anthropology of Food and Nutrition (ICAF) and Deputy Director of the Office of Development Cooperation and Volunteering of the Uex. He is the author of more than 70 publications that include scientific articles, books and book chapters and has participated as a reviewer of social science and humanities journals. Extraordinary Doctorate Award, was the winner of the second edition of the Award for the best Doctoral Thesis of the G9 Group of Universities. He has been Visiting Professor at the San Carlos University of Guatemala and Visiting Scholar at the Center for Human Rights and Peace Studies, CUNY, New York. Member of the research group “American Ethnology”, is part of the “Observatory of Food in Mexico”. He works since 2004 in the Maya Ch’orti ‘region of eastern Guatemala, interested in issues such as hunger, the anthropology of development or the logic and meanings of violence, areas that constitute his lines of Americanist research. In Spain, he carries out research in the field of mental health, narrative medicine or intercultural health.