Day 14 - Cáceres Day 17 - Évora
9:15-9:30 Paper presentations - Session 1
9:30-10:15 Paper presentations - Session 1
10:15-11:00 Paper presentations - Session 2
11:00-11:15 Coffee Break
11:15-11:30 Break
11:30-12:30 Paper presentations - Session 2 Paper presentations - Session 3
12:30-13:00 Paper presentations - Session 4
13:00-14:00 Paper presentations - Session 3
14:00-14:30 Closing

Conference – Proposal for the development of an Active and Healthy Aging Plan for the Alentejo and Extemadura regions - Prof. Dr. Manuel Lopes.
Closing Table:
President of CCDR - Dr. Roberto Grilo
Adjunto a la Directora del SEPAD - D. Miguel Simón Expósito
President of ARS - Dr. José Robalo
Dean of the University of Évora - Prof. Dra. Ana Freitas

14:30-15:30 Lunch
15:30-16:45 Lunch
16:45-17:30 Paper presentations - Session 5
17:30-19:30 Master students presentations

14 December - Cáceres

9:30 Openning
  • Paper presentations - Session 1
    Session chair: Javier Berrocal
    • Daniel Flores-Martin, Alejandro Pérez-Vereda, Javier Berrocal, Carlos Canal and Juan Manuel Murillo Rodríguez. Coordinating IoT Devices to Improve the QoL of Elderly People.
    • Sheila Bonilla, Enrique Moguel and Jose Garcia-Alonso. Facial recognition of emotions with smartphones to improve the elder quality of life.
    • Alejandro Pérez Vereda, Daniel Flores-Martin, Carlos Canal and Juan Manuel Murillo Rodríguez. Complex Event Processing for health monitoring.
    • Francisco Carranza García, Francisco M. García Moreno, Carlos Rodríguez Domínguez, José Luis Garrido Bullejos, José Manuel Pérez Mármol and Rodríguez Fórtiz María José. Supporting Active Ageing Interventions with Web and Mobile/Wearable Technologies and Using Microservice Oriented Architectures.
    • Isam Mashhour Al Jawarneh, Paolo Bellavista, Luca Foschini, Rebecca Montanari, Javier Berrocal and Juan M. Murillo. Toward Privacy-Aware Healthcare Data Fusion Systems.
11:00 Coffee Break
  • Paper presentations - Session 2
    Session chair: Lorenzo Mariano
    • Marino Linaje and Enrique Carlos Mesías. A new WSN mesh protocol for more transparent IoT devices.
    • David Conde Caballero, Borja Rivero Jiménez, Beatriz Muñoz González, Carlos Alberto Castillo Sarmiento, Carmen Cipriano Crespo and Lorenzo Mariano Juárez. Food and health: relationships between technology and social sciences.
    • Eulàlia Hernández Encuentra, Alícia Aguilar-Martínez, Daniel López Gómez, Beni Gómez-Zúñiga, Modesta Pousada, Israel Conejero-Arto and Francesc Rubió. Perceptions and Needs with Regard to Technologies for Professional Practice. A Prospective Qualitative Study among Caregivers in Spain.
    • Henrique Oliveira, Manuel José Lopes, César Fonseca, Margarida Goes, David Mendes and José Jasnau Caeiro. An approach to help identifying optimized service areas of Integrated Continuous Care Teams (ECCI): A case study in Alentejo - Portugal.
    • Margarida Goes, Manuel José Lopes, Henrique Oliveira, César Fonseca and David Mendes. Biological and Socio-Demographic predictors of Elderly Quality of Life living in the community in Baixo-Alentejo, Portugal.
    • Borja Rivero Jiménez, David Conde Caballero, Beatriz Muñoz González, Lorenzo Mariano Juárez, Nuria García Perales and Julián F. Calderón García. Loneliness and agind. Do public policies dream of technological solutions?.
  • Paper presentations - Session 3
    Session chair: Jaime Galán
    • César Fonseca, Manuel Lopes and David Mendes. Psychometric properties of the Elderly Nursing Core Set.
    • Sara Romero Valencia, Sagrario Gomez Cantarino, Margarida Sim-Sim, Blanca Espina and David Mendes. Automatic learning for improvement in joint mobility in the elderly.
    • Mercedes de Dios, David Mendes, Sagrario Gomez-Cantarino and Margarida Sim-Sim. "Making the invisible visible": Intelligent recovery monitoring of aortic arch repair surgery proposal.
14:30 Lunch
  • Master students presentations
    Session chair: Enrique Moguel

17 December - Évora

9:00 Openning
  • Paper presentations - Session 1
    Session chair: Céu Marques
    • Reis Gorete, Patrícia Pereira and Lena Sabino. Mobility deficit – Rehabilitate, an opportunity for functionality.
    • Ana Ripado, Ruben Pires, Rita Morais and Pedro Parreia. What technologies can the nurse use to increase the quality of life of the elderly population with leg ulcers? – Systematic Literature Review.
    • Vânia Nascimento and Abílio Costa. Sensitive indicators to Rehabilitation Nursing care in a Rehabilitation Program for people in the surgical process, based on the health quality model.
    • Marco Jacinto and Tânia Leite. Intervention Proposal of the Rehabilitation Nursing Care to the People in the ICU: Systematic Review of the Literature.
  • Paper presentations - Session 2
    Session chair: Gorete Reis
    • Maria Dos Anjos Dixe, Ana Maria Vaz and Eugénia Nunes Grilo. Self-care needs for symptom management and medication in elderly person and skills of informal caregiver to care him.
    • Rogério Ferreira, Ana Nunes and Ana Canhestro.Models and politics of cares of the elderly in the home..
    • Susana Buinhas, Ana Paula Claudio, Maria Beatriz Carmo, João Balsa, Afonso Cavaco, Anabela Mendes, Isa Félix, Nuno Pimenta and Mara Pereira Guerreiro. Virtual assistant to improve self-care of older people with type 2 diabetes: first prototype.
    • Ângela Simões and Ana Paula Sapeta.From no man's land to places. The Lived Territory in Nursing Homes..
  • Paper presentations - Session 3
    Session chair: Helena Arco
    • Manuel Lopes and Felismina Mendes. Violence against the Elderly: Social Representations of Portuguese and Brazilian Caregivers.
    • Felismina Mendes and Joana Alegria Pereira. The relationship between Burnout and the risk of violence against institutionalised elderly people: The case of formal care.
    • Lisa Gomes and Gorete Reis. Effectiveness of an educational program to enhance self-care skills after acute coronary syndrome: a quasi-experimental study.
    • Lisete Santos Mendes Mónico and Valentim António Rodrigues Alferes. The Effect of Religious Identity on Optimism across the lifespan..
  • Paper presentations - Session 4
    Session chair: Rogério Ferrinho
    • Lisete Mónico, Patrícia Santos, Carla Carvalho, Joana Parreira, Paulo Santos Costa and Pedro Parreira. Emotional Intelligence and Life Satisfaction in Adulthood.
    • Ângela Simões and Ana Paula Sapeta. From no man's land to places. The Lived Territory in Nursing Homes..
    • Joana Parreira, Daniela Fernandes, Lisete Mónico, Anabela Salgueiro-Oliveira, Liliana Baptista, Paulo Costa, Inês Marques, Daniel Ventura, Mónica Silva, Arménio Cruz, Rafael Bernardes, Carla Carvalho and Pedro Parreira. Study of the innovative characteristics of a new technology for bladder and intestinal elimination: an empirical study for the evaluation of ease of use and perceived utility.
    • Pedro Parreira, Paulo Costa, Anabela Salgueiro-Oliveira, Paulo Ferreira Ferreira, Liliana B Sousa, Inês A. Marques, Rafael Bernardes, Raija Kokko and João Graveto. Nursing students digital competencies for the self-management of patients: development of the DigiNurse Model’s interface.
  • Conference
  • Closing Table
15:30 Lunch
  • Paper presentations - Session 5
    Session chair: David Mendes
    • Sara Correia, and Célia Cuco. Health gains of telephone follow-up nursing intervention to the patient with heart disease.
    • Ricardo Saldanha and Henrique Oliveira. Psychomotor intervention using biofeedback technology for the elderly with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
    • Adriana Feijão, Maria Queiroga, Rafaela Moreira, Raquel Jordão. The Communication with the Elderly Person Suffering from Auditive Deficiency: Psicomotricity and Supportive Technologies.